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Shanti Soulfoods

Raja Chai

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Shanti Soulfoods Produces really gorgeous Chai and we are proud to be supporting this small family business.

Raja Chai is vegan & gluten free, and a crowd favourite for those who enjoy the uplifting qualities of black tea in chai.


hot milk = chai latte

hot water & milk = chai tea

hot water = elixir

cold milk & ice = iced chai

baking & smoothies

Flavour profile ~ Aromatic spice presence, warming ginger, bright tea tannins with a subtle caramel sweetness.

Ingredients ~ Fresh ginger, whole spices (cinnamon, cardamom pods, fennel seeds, star anise, nutmeg*, black pepper, cloves*), Ceylon tea, lemon myrtle*, coconut sugar*, Himalayan rock salt. *certified organic ingredients