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Agnus Magnus

Agnus Magnus Miss Missoni Watch Band

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Introducing Miss Missoni- An arrangement of all the Agnus Magnus colour palette.

Compatible with all Apple watch series and sizes.

Please note when connecting to the 44mm apple watch there will be a 1mm gap either side of the connector. this does not affect the look or security of the band.

Colour sequence:

All 5 colours of the Agnus Magnus colour palette will be used but sequence may vary.

How to adjust the Fit:

The Watch Bands are easily adjustable to any size.

We recommend taking your band to a jeweller or cobbler. Usually it doesn’t take long , and most Jewellers or cobblers will only charge a small fee.

We also offer the Agnus Magnus Adjustment tool for $5.00 with easy to follow “how to” video for home adjustment.

If you require a lager size please email and we will send additional links.


Agnus Magnus watch bands come with a 1-year limited warranty. Any faults or issues with pieces or parts please email


Inner circumference measures approximately 8" * with Apple watch attached.

European Acetate

Stainless Steel, hypoallergenic & water resistant.

Designed in Australia