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Cup A Day

Malibu Twist Tea

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We have sourced this delicious blend of Malibu Twist Tea from local artisan tea maker Cup A Day Tea. We love supporting small businesses like Cup A Day Tea who spend time and energy creating beautiful products on a small scale level.

Welcome to your Summer cocktail in a tea. Picture pool-side, summer sunset and drink orders involving ‘keep them coming’. A proper island dream, this blend features tropical creamy coconut with a fresh twist of citrus to top it off.  

Add one teaspoon of tea to an infuser and brew in 80-degree water for approximately 3-6 minutes. For iced tea, follow all steps above and simply add the ice in afterwards! Pair with a selection of tropical fruits and/or citrus elements to enhance their natural flavour.

Green Tea, Citrus Peel, Calendula, Shredded Coconut, Natural Flavour.