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Cobbs and Me

Heat Pack - Neck Wrap

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These beautiful heat packs from Cobbs and Me are popular here at Piccadilly General Store.

Deisgned in a 'U' shape to sit around your neck and over your collar bones. Neck pain, muscle ache and strain will no longer be a problem. Its a 'hands free' pack, weighted to provide firm, warm relaxation. Assists with relieving muscle aches and pains, tension and headache. Can be used hot or cold. 100% cotton covers filled with Victorian grain lupins.

Measurements - length 72cm, width 14cm, end to end 45cm

Weight - 1260g

How to use

Microwave Heating Instructions:

-Heat pack in short intervals until desired temperature is reached

-Shake and apply where required

 Cooling Instructions:

-Place pack in air tight container or zip lock bag

-Place in freezer

Caution: Overheating lupins can cause burns and will reduce the life of the lupins.